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It’s been a while since we sent out a proper newsletter to our whole community. We hope all of you are safe and healthy in these strange and unusual times. Even though the current circumstances are not ideal we have used the time to kick start some projects we have been longing to work on for quite some time, and we are extremely excited about it. And excited to tell you about it!

First, we will open-source the Future Leaders program!
We, as a global society, are facing great challenges; corona, climate, poverty — among many others! It has never been less doubt than now, that the world is in need of conscious leaders taking on the global challenges all around them. And to do so, empowerment of these great everyday heroes is crucial!

We in the Future Leaders Global community have over the years gathered relevant knowledge, models and processes that mobilizes, empowers and develops people that want to take leadership — both for themself and others! And now, we will make it accessible and available to everybody.

For a long time, we have wanted to open-source our program, but we had some concerns; How will this influence our revenue? How can we secure that the users will credit us for the content? We still haven’t found the answers to those questions. But — we have changed our narrative and reminded ourselves about our overall goal. The main reason for establishing Future Leaders back in the day was to empower great leaders taking on big challenges. There are more challenges than ever — and we need more leaders than ever before! If it impacts our revenue stream or people don’t credit us — we can handle it!

“With great power comes great responsibility”

And we feel a responsibility to get our tools out to as many as possible. We are figuring out the practicalities as we speak. In true Future Leaders-spirit, you can follow the process here.

2020 is the year for scaling Future Leaders
Together, since 2015, we have been testing, learning and experimenting our way forward. Now, we will change gear, refocus and restructure to enable our organisation to create more impact.

We have started a process with the intention of designing a solution that requires minimal input from our organisation for external people to establish Future Leaders in their local community, and that also can reach maximum impact glocally. We will create a userfriendly Future Leaders Global Scaling Model that enables individuals to start multiple new FL-communities locally over the next years.

Are you curious about how we will do it? Check out the scaling introduction made by Arvid, who you can also recognize in the picture below.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to join in on the Future Leaders Global mission, please get in touch with us as soon as possible! We are available on our Discord #scaling-channel or email Elin directly on The project is led by the scaling team consisting of Arvid, Elin, Fredrik, Evelin, and Robin.

Self-leadership self-workshop to better tackle corona stress
In times of crises, it is more important than ever with good leadership and self-leadership. We have created guidelines for a simple workshop process for all our future leaders, but also wish to spread it further to everyone! So here you can find the workshop guidelines on how to lead yourself and others over the next weeks. Gather a group of friends, colleagues or family! Online of course 🙂 Good luck!

And btw — We are hiring an accountant!
We are looking for someone who loves numbers, has a preference for a flexible workday and wants to contribute to a more sustainable future! Are you our new accountant? Please apply, or forward the link below to someone you know! We can guarantee a fun and loving working environment with a big possibility to grow as a professional.

See the full description and apply here.

Stay safe
Stay healthy
Keep adapting

All the best
Future Leaders team

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