We are launching Future Leaders Germany!

Picture by Claudio Schwarz — Unsplash.com

Welcome to Future Leaders Germany, the newest addition to the global Future Leaders family and a German-tailored approach to leadership for today’s generation of change-makers, based on self-reflection, collaboration, and sustainability-driven action.

Before we explore in-depth what all of this is about, let’s “dive” into the following scene first:

Imagine the ocean, a beautiful beach in front of you, blue waves, white foam, the smell of salty air in your nose, and the feeling of gentle warm wind on your skin. Picture yourself paddling out into the ocean on a surfboard, cutting through the water while the sun warms your face and water droplets splash onto your skin. Feel this joyfulness rising deep inside of you. Feel the connection to the elements around you and what you are doing: your body movements to stay on top of your board, the weather, the direction of the wind, while navigating where to go, to surf this wave.

Now, let’s have a look at the following picture that has been shared multiple times throughout the internet in the last couple of months:

Graeme MacKay, 2020 — www.mackaycartoons.net

These waves are different than the ones described before. A global pandemic, a potential recession, climate change around the corner, followed by a likely collapse of many ecological systems around us — all of them rising to crush upon us. These waves come with a different set of emotions as well: fear, a feeling of being overwhelmed, and maybe even paralyzation.

Yet, the skills required to surf these waves are the same as before:
Focusing on what’s in front, being aware of the elements around, while navigating to stay on the right course.

So what’s the point?

We are facing tremendous challenges as humanity, challenges that have their roots in deep systemic structures. As we see it, there are two main options:
1) We can give in to the fear, overwhelmedness, and surrender to inaction, or
2) we can be proactive and tackle what’s in front of us.
We decided to go for the latter.

But how?

The keywords are self-reflection, collaboration, and sustainability-driven action.

As today’s generation, it is on us to understand the complexities of the present, and their implications for the future. We want to enable you (& ourselves) to surf the waves that are rising in front of us. Being joyful and enjoying the surroundings — and yet with a clear focus on navigating the challenges and opportunities ahead of us.

This is a call to action for you to join a glocal (=local & global) movement where we get to the core of things, understand our problems in a science-based approach, and work individually as well as collaboratively towards finding solutions.

When we say you, we mean everyone who would like to be a part of this community – citizens, consumers, policy-makers, entrepreneurs, executives, students, educators, humans — you!

We want to see how we are all influenced by societal patterns around us, our upbringing, the systems we are in — and how we can take self-reflective action towards making this planet a better place for us and everyone around us.

Let’s catch and ride these waves!

So where does all of this come from, again?

Future Leaders is originally a Scandinavian movement that started as “A bold leadership development program designed to empower and support the next generation of conscious leaders, ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow”.

This idea follows three core elements:

  • Self: Understanding who you are
  • Relations: Reflecting how people around you shape your thinking and your behaviour
  • Systems: Deep-diving into structures, globally and locally to see the big picture and how you as an individual fit in

The aim of bringing this to Germany is to enable local discussions and actions among like-minded individuals, while being embedded in an international community. So welcome to Future Leaders Germany!

What’s next?

This is the start of a long journey, that we are kicking-off by sharing ideas and stories in this blog along Future Leader’s three core elements with a deeper focus on Germany. Topics to be covered will be around e.g. smart governance, (self-) leadership, sustainability, the future of food, education, and much more.

Additionally, we are working on something big — we will share more details over the next few weeks :)

For now, there is only one thing for you to do:
Join Future Leaders Germany on LinkedIn to stay informed about latest news and local initiatives: Click here to join!

We are looking forward to having you on board! Get ready for some deep self-reflection and driven community projects to solve systemic problems in this world!

Nice! So, that’s it?

Kinda :) Before we leave, let’s quickly introduce the team behind Future Leaders Germany:

Team — Future Leaders Germany

We are a team of 5 and all participated in different Future Leaders programs over the last couple of years. The self-reflection, community-feeling, and understanding of the world around us really motivated us to stay engaged and look for opportunities to do more. As of early 2021, we all have been co-hosting Future Leaders programs, and enjoying the buzz of meeting like-minded individuals. We are super excited to launch Future Leaders in Germany now, and look forward to some community-driven action! Join us on LinkedIn (here) or send us a message at germany@futureleadersglobal.com.


  • What: Community-driven self-reflection to tackle (future) challenges
  • How: Engage in discussions in this blog, join FL programs, become part of the Future Leaders Germany community
  • Who: Change-makers, citizens, consumers, policy-maker, entrepreneurs, executives, students, educators, humans — you!
  • Where: Germany (embedded in the global Future Leaders community)
  • Join here: click




Future Leaders is a global community of game changers, working together to co-create a better future.

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Future Leaders Global

Future Leaders Global

Future Leaders is a global community of game changers, working together to co-create a better future.

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