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Introduction; things are moving fast, and we want to keep everyone in the loop. Therefore we’ll start publishing weekly briefs to give you the inside scoop on the status quo. Feel free to contribute by sending updates, pictures, and questions to

Where is the focus? What are we working on these days?

On a global level, the goals we have mapped out for 2019 are centred around three primary goals ←

  1. Creating an exponential organization. Our scaling strategy is #1 Brand awareness and movement. #2 build a local community with events etc. #3 When the marked is ready; start the program. Each city will also sustain itself financially as early in the process as possible.

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Handbooks and co-creation

  • To reach our scaling goals we need to develop a model that is easier to scale and understand. We’re in the progress of making something like this for Future Leaders. Robin is your go-to guy if you have input or wants to contribute.

Corporate programs

  • We are delivering the whole Future Leaders program as a service towards larger corporations globally, with DNB ASA as our first customer. The Future Leaders corporate program is getting attention in Norway these days, and we are near closing several new partnerships. If you have contacts or companies you think we should talk to, or are interested in hearing more about the corporate programs, reach out to Øyvind →

Scaling and community

  • First ever: We’re not lagging behind! This March we’re gathering all city managers for a work session, to plan the 2019 program. Stay tuned.

Happy hour

  • Programs in Copenhagen, Oslo, and Bergen were just completed! With amazing feedback and lessons learned, we’re applauding all the teams with a kick-ass delivery!
Celebration time in Bergen!
  • Last week we launched Future Leaders in DNB, for all their brightest global talents! It was a huge success and a key experience!


  • This week Elin is going to Zimbabwe to discuss the scaling in Africa, and meeting up with the kick-ass team in Harare!

Team updates

  • Fredrikke and Steve are two of the biggest heroes in Future Leaders and have contributed as pioneers, participants and City managers over the last years. They have done an amazing job and the community could not be more grateful for their hard work and commitment! ❤ They are now passing the baton to new city managers — thanks for all the hard work, you guys are true role models ❤
Fredrikke — City manager, Oslo ❤
Steve — City manager, Bergen ❤
  • Now we are extremely excited to have Stine and Alexander take over as City managers for Oslo and Bergen! They have already proven to be of the finest quality, and we can't wait to learn and grow with them! ❤ If you want to join the team in Oslo or Bergen, reach out to them /
Alexander, New city manager in Bergen ❤
Stine, New City manager in Oslo ❤
  • Markus is now starting up a research department in Future Leaders where we’ll do our best to make sure Future Leaders is at the forefront of research within leadership and sustainability.

Future Leaders leading the future

Namatai in Harare giving an inspiring speech to leaders in Zimbabwe

Young Sustainable Impact, the startup founded by previous Future Leaders participants broke application records, with over 10 000 applicants! Congrats ❤

So, friends — things are moving forward in fast paste! We are learning, failing and growing! Reach out, comment, and ask questions if you have any!

Feel free to set up community events, and let us know if you need venue space or something else to do so! We’ll do our best to help ❤

Stay awesome!



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